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28. Oktober 2009

Skalierung von Migrationsprojekten


SpiraTec präsentiert Erfahrungsbericht über Skalierung von Migrationsprojekten Auf der EMEA Honeywell Users Group Conference in Lissabon/Portugal hält SpiraTec einen Vortrag im Bereich Customer Presentations

Scalable Migration with Minimal Re-Engineering, Risk and Plant Shutdown Legacy system migration can be seen as a huge cost and risk factor for production. But migration projects should be also seen as a huge opportunity to streamline DCS architecture and reduce lifecycle costs. The overall control system of each production plant consists of different automation systems/equipments like I/Os, DCS, PLCs, historian, APC, MES, LIMS, ERP-interface and more. Not every system or equipment has to be replaced. To achieve the goal to minimize engineering, risk and downtime you have to perform the following steps: define the systems and equipment to replace, define migration steps and timeline, inventory of obsolete systems, minimization of interface changes between existing systems and the new system, develop standards and enforce the usage, redesign security and network concepts, consider long-term product roadmaps and redesign for the new system. This presentation will discuss aspects of the overall migration plan, the migration concept and how to use Experion PKS to minimize interface changes, using new functionality as well as standards like templates and bulk building to achieve these goals. (Rainer Spies)