Headquarters Speyer
An der Hofweide 7
D-67346 Speyer

Phone: +49 6232 91906-0
Fax: +49 6232 91906-100

Employees are our most valued corporate asset. We do everything we can to incorporate our workforce into strong social networks and thereby strengthen the cooperation of our project teams across locations. Typical examples are individual team events planned by department proejct groups, the joint summer party and the regional annual Christmas events. 

At SpiraTec, values and standards play an extremely important role in our everyday dealings with employees, customers and partners. They are the most decisive factors in the attainment of our corporate goals.

With our competent employees and state-of-the-art planning and project management tools, we are able to satisfy the exacting demands of our national and international customers. Compliance with our management system enables us to reach our set targets and also to maintain the standards that we have already achieved while we aim even higher.