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Corporate culture

Employees are our most valued corporate asset. We do everything we can to incorporate our workforce into strong social networks and thereby strengthen the cooperation of our project teams across locations. Typical examples are individual team events planned by department proejct groups, the joint summer party and the regional annual Christmas events. 

In our company our employees enjoy a great deal of trust and freedom from the outset. We encourage independent and autonomous working methods, creativity and innovation, courageous actions and solution-oriented approaches.

A clearly defined flow of information makes work processes transparent at all times while simultaneously promoting the motivation of the team members. It sparks innovative thinking and forms the basis for the continual improvement of all processes in the overall corporate concept. At the same time, it ensures consistent compliance with statutory requirements and standards.

At SpiraTec we know that the successful execution of our customers' projects hinges on the technical competence of our employees. This is why we place great importance on keeping our workforce abreast with the latest industry trends, tools and technologies through intensive further training programs. The trust and confidence that this inspires in our customers secures our future business.

The personal approach is firmly anchored in our modern corporate culture. Everyone from our interns and student trainees through to the CEOs all communicate on a first name basis. This creates an atmosphere of intimacy and promotes honest, direct corporate communication with transparency and constructive mutual feedback.