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In accordance with Corporate Law, SpiraTec's management consists of two separate bodies - The Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board. These two bodies are strictly separated and perform different functions within the company.

The Board of Directors, the leading body of the company, currently comprises two people, who represent the company's interests to third parties. The Board acts on its own responsibility and is strictly separated from the Supervisory Board in matters of personnel. Its tasks include defining the company's perspective, corporate goals and the strategic alignment of the company in the market. The Board of Directors regularly informs the Supervisory Board about current issues in the fields of planning, development, current company situation and investments.

The Supervisory Board is an external body of three people who do not belong to the company. Their main task is to supervise and advise the Board of Directors in their duties and tasks.

At the sixth Annual General Meeting in 2014 Supervisory Board Members Peter Staab (Chairman), Michael Kleimeier (Vice Chairman) and Dr. Wolfgang Renner were confirmed in office for a further five years, following their initial appointment in November 2007.

SpiraTec AG's executive board is composed of two members who jointly run the day-to-day affairs of the business. The executive board regularly reports to the supervisory board on the current business situation and sets out the strategic direction in consultation with the supervisory board. At SpiraTec, a commercial manager and a regional manager complement the executive team.

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