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  • Digitalization

    Industry is undergoing a process of transformation triggered by continually changing requirements of the market. Differentiated customer demands in the form of customized product variants and improved product quality, the need for ever shorter development and product cycles along with increasing cost pressure are only some of the challenges businesses are facing today.
    buzzwords like

    • Digital twin
    • Smart factory
    • Digital worker
    • Augmented reality
    • IoT platform
    • Cloud computing
    • Smart data
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Readiness for digital transformation

    are topics SpiraTec has taken up in the field of digitalization.
    With its interdisciplinary services in the area of Industrial Engineering & Solutions and the forward-looking technologies and methods applied in this field, SpiraTec is ideally positioned to accompany you on your path to digital transformation.
    Digital transformation for us means the availability of all production-relevant data in real time through the digital connection of all areas involved. The starting point are the digital assets which are modelled and routed together in the digital twin. In a next step, the digital twin is expanded to incorporate the plant process and operating data, enabling the so-called digital worker, a mixed reality-supported employee, to carry out their work.
    The diverse data collected from the shop floor are then processed and made accessible to the applications of the higher-level portals for machine learning and data analytics.

  • A digital asset is a digital model of a physical asset that is additonally available in digital form with enriched information.

  • Digital twin engineering is aimed at optimizing all engineering processes in the lifecycle of a production plant in terms of time, quality and costs through the use of relevant digitalized models, new methods and digital tools.

  • Manufacturing operations based on information from digital systems combined with the digital twin open up new opportunities for production management.

  • Digitalization affects all areas of industry and thus also has an impact on the daily work routines in industrial facilities. In future, production staff will work with new technologies and opportunities to exploit the ever increasing information flows for faster interaction.

  • Data mining and data analysis on IoT platforms presupposes the integration of production systems and the connection of digital assets.