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12 August 2021

New SpiraTec corporate film

Introducing SpiraTec! In order to present all the services of the corporate group fully, a new image film has been designed and implemented recently.

In less than three minutes, the fully animated clip presents all the relevant facts about SpiraTec: From the year of foundation over the more than 350 employees to the Lines of Business, which depict the company's holistic range of services. Did you know that SpiraTec is now represented at 19 locations in Germany, Austria, and the USA? In the first scenes of the image film, everything revolves around the hard facts about SpiraTec. A flight over the animated city of Speyer takes us to the SpiraTec headquarters with its new floor, which was added in 2020. 

The following sequence offers an exclusive insight into the new meeting room, the heart of the top floor. There, all disciplines of the Lines of Business Industrial Engineering & Design, Industrial Automation Solutions, Industrial IT Solutions and Digital Transformation are visualized by means of a growing industrial plant.

Digitalization becomes the focus of attention at the end of the corporate film, when the digital twin appears above an industrial park and with it the SpiraTec logo.

Follow the link to see the image film


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