SpiraTec Engineering GmbH
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Civil Engineering from concept, basic to detail engineering for buildings and steel structures by using 3D software.

Fully integrated operations with all participated disciplines, like process engineering and piping engineering.
Comprehensive experience on special-purpose solutions in chemical, oil-gas and power plant engineering.

Steel Construction and Solid Structure

  • Statics for steel construction and reinforced concrete construction, drawings and lists
  • Concept-, Detail- and Basic-Engineering, As-Built
  • Documentation considering requested archiving system
  • Modul design (also completly mounted multi-trade version)
  • Digital 3D model including interface-management
  • Involvement of machines and devices
  • Special solutions

WHG Structures

  • Planning of WHG areas and buildings
  • LAU plants, pits and channel system
  • Coordination between customer, WHG-expert and planning
  • Extensive experience in the area of collecting basin

Foundations for Machinery and Devices

  • Anchoring of compressors and large pumps
  • Geometrically optimized connections of machines
  • Test benches for large pumps
  • Anchorage of torches
  • Force transmission and distribution within the foundation

Construction in Existing Contexts

  • Upgrading and reconstruction of support structure
  • Modification of structural system
  • Construction schedule
  • Supervision of interfaces
  • General construction management
  • Revision and updating of existing structures and drawings
  • Documentation as-built status

Planning of Installation, Expansion and Deconstruction

  • Planning of various stages of construction
  • Determination of structure measurement
  • Preparation of tractory curves
  • Static evaluation of building and assembly condition
  • Coordination of specialist units

Building Application and Official Procedures

  • Building application for industrial construction and plant engineering
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Management of authorities

Special Applications

  • Document management
  • Construction management
  • Preparation of plot layouts
  • Fire escape route concepts
  • Technical consulting and reconstruction planning in the event of claims
  • Support structure and basic structure for engineering
  • Support structure for pipeline construction