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Secondary Manufacturing

With an integrated range of services from machine level to ERP, SpiraTec is your engineering partner from conception to implementation in the discrete industry.

Highly-qualified employees assist you in the selection of package units / machines and the vertical integration of superordinate systems. Our experience in acquisition, analysis and visualization of operation and production data completes the profile.

SpiraTec's well-founded expertise in PLC programming and HMI / SCADA application development makes us a competent solution partner in the integration of package units / machines.

  • Coordination of machine cross communication
  • Consistent reporting on machinery level
  • Consistent solutions for visualization
  • Connection to SCADA system
  • Connection to Line Management System
  • Specification and integration DA
  • Commissioning coordination (PU)
  • Accomplishment FAT/SAT
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Operational assistance and support

Business and Machine Data Capture are all-important when evaluating a production plant.

  • Provide connectivity to control systems (DCS/PCS) or process controls (PLC)
  • Process data acquisition and data archiving
  • Acquisition and processing of manual operating data
  • Equipping workstations with tools for data analysis
  • Establishing user specific calculations and reporting
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Support in operation and supervision
  • User-oriented training

In the pharmaceutical industry trademark protection and production security are becoming increasingly important.

  • IT connection from production to ERP (vertical integration)
  • IT solutions for the serialization with ePedigree
  • Support for the traceability of the pedigree for customers (track & trace)
  • Support of evaluation of systems and suppliers
  • Operational assistance and support
  • Training

In this module SpiraTec's knowledge of the various HMI / SCADA solutions in the market helps clients select a suitable system.

  • Integration of machines and PU
  • Supervisory control and visualization
  • Acquisition and archiving of production data
  • Acquisition and converting of manual process data
  • Assembly of user-specific calculations and analysis
  • Preparation of reports
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Operational assistance and support
  • Training

Line management systems are an integral part of modern production plants, supporting the operator with efficiency analyses, optimizations and maintenance.

  • Coordination of PU/machines interfaces
  • Integration of the production layer to the ERP level
  • Accomplishment of vertical and horizontal integration
  • Usage of industry standards and modern portal technology as an appropriate middleware
  • Implementation of dashboards for visualization and correlation between ERP and production – e.g. KPI, OEE, SPC, scheduling of production, maintenance, etc.
  • Planning and consulting
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Operational assistance and support
  • Training

In the regulated industry environment SpiraTec observes recognised guidelines and legal requirements throughout the entire project. The ensuing compliance is implemented in close coordination and cooperation with you, the client.

  • GMP conform planning
  • Compilation of risk-analysis
  • Supplier auditing
  • Compilation of SOP
  • Documentation management
  • Supervision of the implementation according to GAMP
  • Coordination and testing of the QM documentation of PU and machinery suppliers
  • Accomplishment of DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ for systems of the production and production management (PIMS, LMS, etc.)
  • Support with IQ, OQ, PQ of plants together with process engineering

In this module SpiraTec offers the following services to its customers:

  • Aggregation of data into production information for example by integrating from machines/PU/LMS/DA/PIMS
  • Preparation of deeper analyses and challenging reporting
  • Implementation of dashboards for visualization and correlation between ERP and production
  • Gain of production information in order to manage and rate the production process based on benchmarks and operating figures (OEE/KPI/SPC)

Traceability and the archiving of data via barcodes or RFID are becoming increasingly important, especially in discrete / secondary manufacturing.

  • Consulting concerning different logistic solutions
  • Conception and specification
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Training

To develop and strengthen partnerships SpiraTec supports its clients even after the project itself has been completed.

  • Transitional phase from commissioning to operating
  • Standby service
  • System training / advanced training
  • System monitoring
  • Optimization
  • Extension / Alteration
  • Long term mentoring