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As a general contractor, SpiraTec provides a full suite of project planning and coordination services for customers in the process and manufacturing industries. Our multi-disciplinary team formed by project management, engineering coordination, procurement and construction management professionals ensures effective management of your capital project over the complete lifecycle from the concept stage via the basic engineering and implementation through to plant operation and the management of warranty claims.

Our experienced project managers control and coordinate the activities of all project participants such as the customer's internal delivery resources, the SpiraTec disciplines involved (process engineering, piping, structural steel, automation and IT) as well as the appointed project partners and vendors. Acting as a single point of contact, they represent the customer's interests in the capital project and are responsible for ensuring that the project is delivered on time, within budget and to the agreed quality.

SpiraTec undertakes the management and coordination of the engineering work packages and their implementation via an interface coordinator appointed to the specific project, sub-project managers assigned to the individual work packages and lead engineers overseeing the individual disciplines.

By meticulously managing and coordinating the efforts and work between all trade contractors contributing to the success of the project, SpiraTec ensures an optimum result for its customers' capital projects.

  • Process engineering
  • Piping design and stress & flexibility analysis
  • Structural steel
  • Building services (HVAC)
  • Process control engineering (PCS)
  • IT

For all the above disciplines, we undertake the detailed planning and coordination of quality, costs, schedules and resources.

For further details of SpiraTec AG's and SpiraTec Engineering GmbH's service offerings for the individual engineering disciplines, please click Services.  

As an independent general contractor, SpiraTec takes care of all partner and vendor coordination processes and manages the procurement of all the resources needed for the project. Commanding in-depth market knowledge, our procurement specialists secure the success of your capital project through:

  • Market analysis / vendor selection assistance
  • Demand planning and documentation
  • Requests for quotations (RfQs)
  • International procurement  organization
  • Contract preparation and follow-up
  • Project expediting and vendor inspections
  • Tests and acceptance inspections, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) / Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • Vendor audits
  • Quality management of vendor processes
  • Coordination of vendor-related financial planning and billing
  • Coordination of goods receipt and warehousing
  • Logistics planning and supervision

As part of its project management service under the EPCM contract, SpiraTec undertakes the management of all relevant internal and external commercial processes. Our experienced project administrators and project cost engineers assist you in planning and controlling project costs and cash flows to ensure that project economics are met at all times.

Cooperation with the SpiraTec EPCM project manager helps you optimize your processes in the following areas:

  • Project financial planning and budgeting
  • Cost control
  • Management of partner and vendor contracts
  • Contract analysis and contract enforcement, identification of project deviations
  • Earned-value analyses throughout the project lifecycle
  • Commercial project reporting (communication and system implementation via reports and dashboards)
  • Project-specific risk analysis / FMEA
  • Claim management

As part of its general contractor role, SpiraTec manages and coordinates all construction and commissioning activities through to plant/system maintenance and optimization of operation. Cooperating closely with the SpiraTec project manager, experienced construction managers coordinate all planning and implementation activities for the erection and construction phase. Our commissioning supervisors monitor all commissioning activities and oversee the required function tests and inspections in cooperation with our customers.

After project completion, we are also your partner for plant operation, providing tailor-made support services and training pogrammes for all types of plant, technologies and systems installed.

SpiraTec's portfolio of construction and commission management services secures the success of your project through:

  • Planning, supervision and control of the construction / commissioning workflow
  • Construction management for projects worldwide
  • Inspections, FAT/SAT
  • Commissioning coordination between all trade contractors
  • Claim management
  • Management of vendor contracts 
  • Planning and oversight of maintenance processes
  • Control of construction site logistics and warehousing
  • Interface coordination between all trades and project stakeholders
  • Technical Service Desk (TSD) to implement customer-oriented service programs
  • Comprehensive training catalogue and experienced trainer team for the further qualification of your employees