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Construction management and commissioning

As part of its general contractor role, SpiraTec manages and coordinates all construction and commissioning activities through to plant/system maintenance and optimization of operation. Cooperating closely with the SpiraTec project manager, experienced construction managers coordinate all planning and implementation activities for the erection and construction phase. Our commissioning supervisors monitor all commissioning activities and oversee the required function tests and inspections in cooperation with our customers.

After project completion, we are also your partner for plant operation, providing tailor-made support services and training pogrammes for all types of plant, technologies and systems installed.

SpiraTec's portfolio of construction and commission management services secures the success of your project through:

  • Planning, supervision and control of the construction / commissioning workflow
  • Construction management for projects worldwide
  • Inspections, FAT/SAT
  • Commissioning coordination between all trade contractors
  • Claim management
  • Management of vendor contracts 
  • Planning and oversight of maintenance processes
  • Control of construction site logistics and warehousing
  • Interface coordination between all trades and project stakeholders
  • Technical Service Desk (TSD) to implement customer-oriented service programs
  • Comprehensive training catalogue and experienced trainer team for the further qualification of your employees