Headquarters Speyer
An der Hofweide 7
D-67346 Speyer

Phone: +49 6232 91906-0
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In the field of HVAC Engineering, we offer engineering services in all areas of technical building services and supply engineering. Our services cover the entire life cycle of building and supply systems. Beginning with the preparation of feasibility studies, the technical planning of new plants, optimization and conversion projects of existing plants up to deconstruction concepts, we offer individual solutions for all requirements. Our core competencies lie in the planning of plants for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries with their high requirements with regard to a high-quality production environment, high emission protection requirements and high supply security. With our engineers with specializations in the individual areas of technical building equipment and supply engineering, we accompany projects for you from the initial idea to the finishes plant. 

  • Venitlation systems for clean rooms including lock conceptsVentilation systems for areas with explosion protection requirements
  • Creation of printing zone concepts for personnel and product protection
  • Plants with laminar flow units for special requirements
  • Process ventilation systems
  • Energetic optimization
  • Central and decentral heating and cooling plants
  • Distribution networks for hot and cold water systems, steam condensate networks, and
  • Refrigerant networks
  • Cooling of rooms with special requirements
  • New planning and upgrading of drinking water networks
  • Support in the planning of the intended operation of drinking water networks
  • Preparation of remediation concepts
  • Central and decentralised DHW heating
  • Emergency and eye shower networks
  • Planning of plants for the generation and supply of purified water
  • Process compressed air generation and distribution
  • Pure steam plants
  • Technical gases