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SpiraTec is your engineering partner in plant construction and turn-key-services. We provide the complete range of automation services for new investments in manufacturing plants. SpiraTec develops modular concepts in the area of automation for process automation (DCS) and the field level for every planning stage. To enable the plant to produce effectively experienced Green Field project specialists create detailed software and hardware specifications. In regulated industry SpiraTec takes on the validation of the process control technology.

In process automation, the distributed control system (DCS) / process control system (PCS) plays the central role. Creating a modular concept during the planning phases, both for hardware and software, guarantees the successful implementation of process engineering and automation requirements.

  • Front-end engineering and design
  • Automation concept for the user requirements – software/hardware
  • Detailed DCS/PCS scheduling – close coordination with process engineering
  • Functional design specifications – system topology
  • Creating technical tender/bidding documents
  • System evaluation – verifying whether functional requirements correspond with the features of systems from various suppliers
  • Assistance in developing process descriptions
  • Generating functional specifications according to ANSI/ISA-88.01 structures/models (specifications for DCS/PCS suppliers)
  • Procurement of DCS/PCS and supervision of execution
  • Execution of FATSupervision delivery and system-start-up

For the actual implementation in different vendor systems, see module DCS/PCS Implementation in the Process Automation DCS/PCS business division.

We gladly provide you with an energy saving concept for the low and extra-low voltage ranges for your new production plant or the one to be upgraded.
This type of planning is also part of our standard portfolio, as is component procurement, the corresponding FATs and expediting.

  • Creating energy saving concepts
  • Planning and engineering of:
    • Electrical consumers
    • Single line diagrams
    • Low-voltage distribution center
    • Low-voltage distribution board
    • 24DC
    • UPS
    • MCC (motor control center)
    • FC (Frequency Converter / control unit)
  • Procurement
  • Installation supervision

Hardware Engineering is performed in close coordination with the DCS/PCS implementation, instrumentation and various other process plant engineering teams.
Within this module we then create the assembly execution documentation so that the executing companies can carry out the actual installation of the process control equipment and the corresponding wiring. Hardware planning is done using state-of-the-art CAE systems. We will conform to your specifications/systems.

  • Control room layouts
  • Control cabinet layouts
  • Engineering of Emergency-Shutdown System
  • RIO planning
  • Field and system bus topology
  • Technical data sheets
  • Equipment specification
  • Installation diagrams
  • Loops/Block diagrams
  • Loop diagrams
  • Instrumentation/tag list
  • Cable lists
  • Disassembly manuals

If you want to implement parts of your processing plant as a package unit (PU), then you face the additional challenge of integrating PU hardware and software into the plant.
This often underestimated part of the overall project is where we can take over all responsibility, from definition of supplier interfaces to supervision of the start-up at the construction site:

  • Project-oriented definition of the supplier interface
  • Specification of process control equipment for the PU (package unit) tenders
  • Evaluation of the quotations (process control equipment)
  • Interface coordination
  • Carrying out documentation audits (according to GAMP)
  • Factory acceptance tests (FAT)
  • Support for process control equipment during PU start-up
  • Generating inquiry specifications
  • Generating invitations to tender
  • Supplier evaluations
  • Soliciting and verifying quotations
  • Supplier audits
  • Order placement recommendations
  • Assistance in order placement
  • Expediting
  • Pre-inspection and FAT
  • Qualification (FAT, SIT, SAT)


Regarding instrumentation, we will specify and procure the field devices required for a plant, and we will supervise their installation.

  • Project or site specific standardization
  • Selection of instruments for their specific needs
  • Cost estimate
  • Specification – Development instruments standard
  • Data exchange with process engineering
  • Design and calculation
  • Procurement
  • Supervision of installation and inventory management
  • Start-up, site engineering
  • Support