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User Requirement Specification

In process automation, the distributed control system (DCS) / process control system (PCS) plays the central role. Creating a modular concept during the planning phases, both for hardware and software, guarantees the successful implementation of process engineering and automation requirements.

  • Front-end engineering and design
  • Automation concept for the user requirements – software/hardware
  • Detailed DCS/PCS scheduling – close coordination with process engineering
  • Functional design specifications – system topology
  • Creating technical tender/bidding documents
  • System evaluation – verifying whether functional requirements correspond with the features of systems from various suppliers
  • Assistance in developing process descriptions
  • Generating functional specifications according to ANSI/ISA-88.01 structures/models (specifications for DCS/PCS suppliers)
  • Procurement of DCS/PCS and supervision of execution
  • Execution of FATSupervision delivery and system-start-up

For the actual implementation in different vendor systems, see module DCS/PCS Implementation in the Process Automation DCS/PCS business division.