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In modern industrial companies, automation solutions are increasingly based on standard IT technologies. This requires a realignment of competences in many areas. SpiraTec has many years of experience in these areas and applies current IT technologies to the interface topic 'IT and Automation' in the area of IT / OT Infrastructure.

SpiraTec integrates various departments for IT solutions and automation to provide vendor-neutral consulting services. This provides the base for an interdisciplinary handling of the respective tasks.

In this respect, SpiraTec supplies customized systems that meet the requirements of OT (Operational Technology). The company relies on current technologies and solutions that have been tested in various customer projects and in cooperation with partners from IT and OT.

IEC 62443

The production-related IT environment requires a sensitive handling of risks and threats to the implemented / applied systems. The main target is to ensure the required availability and functional reliability. With the knowledge of different control system technologies and the required IT know-how, SpiraTec offers you customized solutions for your project.

  • System analysis to optimize industrial IT security and identify potential hazards
  • Specification sheet development for system tendering procedures considering industrial IT security
  • Design or protection of internal communication channels via e.g. Firewall/DMZ
  • Design threat protection and virus protection integration in automation systems
  • System engineering in accordance with ANSI/ISA 99
  • Solutions for secure remote maintenance of automation systems with access logging
  • Development of customized solutions for backup and disaster recovery
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Operational support and supervision

One of the most important components when planning new systems is system availability. If this is not optimally adapted to the later task and therefore incorrectly dimensioned, this can lead to operational and company-wide problems.

SpiraTec considers this component for every system and helps you to dimension the system availability ideally for the planned application with current and proven technologies.

  • System monitoring with incident warning and history recording, applying market standards
  • Solutions for the early detection of malfunctions and availability enhancement through preventive monitoring
  • Planning and implementation of redundancy concepts for software and hardware
  • Procurement and implementation – see Partnerships
  • Operational support and supervision

Virtualization solutions are currently gaining more and more importance, especially in the industrial sector and in the area of process control systems. Virtualization offers a lot of advantages, such as hardware independence, increased availability and above all a high cost saving potential. SpiraTec offers a wide range of services for its customers.

  • Planning and implementation of individual virtualization solutions for minimization of costs, increase of availability or increase of flexibility
  • Migration of existing systems into a virtual environment
  • Control channel extension based on virtualization
  • Development of virtual test environment for system testing e.g. version upgrade
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Operational support and assistance

We see Architecture & Design as network engineering and its implementation in IT & automation infrastructure solutions. Well-designed, well-constructed foundations are indispensable for the trouble-free operation of IT system landscapes.

  • Analysis and optimization of IT systems
  • Counselling and planning of network infrastructure /topology and LAN, WAN, WLAN
  • Engineering and implementation of system interfaces
  • Innovative operator channel extensions based on TCP/IP
  • Analysis and optimization of the usability of IT systems
  • Procurement and implementation – see Partnerships
  • Operational support and supervision

Outsourcing the support for individual topics or areas helps to create cost transparency and obtain high-quality support.

An existing and established Technical Service Desk allows a fast and transparent processing of support requests.

SpiraTec offers a variety of different services in this area. The company's own competence team adapts these services individually to the customer's requirements and creates appropriate service level agreements.

To ensure that the necessary skills are passed on to the customer companies even after completion of the projects, SpiraTec offers a comprehensive range of training and workshops. The contents as  well as the concept of the events are individually adapted to the requirements.

Our training and workshop program comprises:

  • Joint preparation with the customer
  • Development or use of existing training materials
  • Implementation of the course(s) on the customer’s or our premises

Besides training courses our Workshop program also includes:

  • Subject-specific exchange of experience
  • Gaining a market overview
  • Development of a topic / a concept according to requirements
  • Preparation for the introduction of new systems

Please feel free to contact us about courses and trainings.

The initial consultation as well as the subsequent requirements analysis are the basis for the introduction of an OT platform. From this, the selection of the appropriate technology or solution can proceed, considering the requirements in terms of cyber security.

After the implementation of the appropriate solution, SpiraTec continues to support its customers as a full-service provider.

With IoT on Premise Services SpiraTec offers complete solutions from a single source.  Hardware and software can also be offered as an optional leasing model from SpiraTec, combined with 1st and 2nd level support from the Technical Service Desk. The possibilities here go beyond the mere deployment. With backup and monitoring of the complete solution, patch/upgrade management as well as coverage of hardware replacement after the life cycle of the components, SpiraTec supplies complete solutions in the area of IoT.

On the way to modern hybrid and public cloud solutions, SpiraTec provides its customers with the necessary IoT cloud services and handles the transfer of the old location-based systems to the new solutions.

At the customer's request, SpiraTec can also provide global management, including continuous remote management for all migrated systems in public cloud environments. The partnerships with AWS Cloud Service & Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Providers (see Partnerships) form the basis in this context.

The installation and maintenance of the system in the cloud is ensured simultaneously to the on-premise solution with the additional requirements for IoT Cloud, as well as end customer support for users (1st level support) within the scope of the Technical Service Desk.