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Increasingly, automation solutions are based on IT standard technologies.
SpiraTec has many years of experience in this area, applying state-of-art IT technologies to the interace topic IT and automation in 'IT & Automation Infrastructure'. With manufacturer-independent consulting SpiraTec integrates your specialist IT solutions and automation departments, forming the basis for trans-sectoral processing of the tasks at hand.

The production-related environment calls for a sensitive approach to the risks and threats faced by implemented IT systems.
Our highest priority is to ensure the required availability and operational reliability. With our knowledge base of the many various control system technologies and the requisite IT know-how, we can offer you tailored solutions for your planned projects.

  • System analysis to optimize industrial IT security and identify potential hazards
  • Specification sheet development for system tendering procedures considering industrial IT security
  • Design or protection of internal communication channels via e.g. Firewall/DMZ
  • Design threat protection and virus protection integration in automation systems
  • System engineering in accordance with ANSI/ISA 99
  • Solutions for secure remote maintenance of automation systems with access logging
  • Development of customized solutions for backup and disaster recovery
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Operational support and supervision

System availability should be considered a sign of quality in every system and sized accordingly. Too little, or incorrectly sized, system availability can lead to operational or company-wide problems.
SpiraTec accompanies you with state-of-the-art, proven technologies on your way to optimum system availability adapted to the task at hand.

  • System monitoring with incident warning and history recording, applying market standards
  • Solutions for the early detection of malfunctions and availability enhancement through preventive monitoring
  • Planning and implementation of redundancy concepts for software and hardware
  • Procurement and implementation – see Partnerships
  • Operational support and supervision

Migration strategies ensure the efficient replacement of systems which are often cost-intensive and which can have dramatic negative effects on the company. Particularly in the cast of central solutions which mature slowly, downtimes should be avoided entirely or kept as low as possible. SpiraTec supports planning and implementation of operating systems, data and live migrations.

  • Planning and execution of system migrations
  • Support in the area of increasing cost-efficiency by consolidation of systems
  • Solutions for fast and cost-effective implementation of systems
  • Migration of inventory system into a virtual environment
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Operational support and assistance

Virtualization offers advantages such as hardware independence, increased availability and a considerable cost saving potential. Virtualization solutions are also becoming increasingly important in the industrial environment and distributed control systems.

  • Planning and implementation of individual virtualization solutions for minimization of costs, increase of availability or increase of flexibility
  • Migration of existing systems into a virtual environment
  • Control channel extension based on virtualization
  • Development of virtual test environment for system testing e.g. version upgrade
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Operational support and assistance

We see Architecture & Design as network engineering and its implementation in IT & automation infrastructure solutions. Well-designed, well-constructed foundations are indispensable for the trouble-free operation of IT system landscapes.

  • Analysis and optimization of IT systems
  • Counselling and planning of network infrastructure /topology and LAN, WAN, WLAN
  • Engineering and implementation of system interfaces
  • Innovative operator channel extensions based on TCP/IP
  • Analysis and optimization of the usability of IT systems
  • Procurement and implementation – see Partnerships
  • Operational support and supervision

Modern web applications are centrally managed and can be made available to users quickly and easily. The benefits are low maintenance requirements and simple, flexible access.
SpiraTec offers support in planning and implementing applications, from web-based process data evaluation to global Workgroup (Intranet) portal solutions.

  • Implementation of applications on Web technology with high user-friendliness and reporting
  • Solutions for work process automation - Industrial Workflow Management
  • Web-based centralized monitoring of system landscapes
  • Flexible solutions based on Sharepoint e.g. document management
  • Operational support and supervision

Outsourcing Support for individual fields or sectors helps create cost transparency and enhances the support for the field in question.
An experienced Support and Service desk enables the rapid and transparent processing of support requests.
SpiraTec’s close-knit competence team and service personnel create the ideal service contract with all the relevant, customized service features.

SpiraTec provides mobile, smart solutions to simplify and assist work processes in a wide range of industrial sectors. User-friendliness, e.g. control and monitoring tasks, can be greatly enhanced by local independence.

  • Individual solutions in accordance with customer Smart Devices
    Tablet or Smartphone for Android or iOS
  • Mobile solutions based on Mixed Augmented Reality Solution (AR)
  • Mobile measured value acquisition via GSM, WLAN, UMTS
  • Solutions for operator display visualization in production
  • Solutions for support and documentation of maintenance tours
  • Implementation of mobile quality assurance tasks
  • RFID/barcode solutions
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Operational support and supervision

In our training and workshop program SpiraTec offers tailored subject matter which is either provided as part of the training course or developed in the workshop in conjunction with the participants.

Our training and workshop program comprises:

  • Joint preparation with the customer
  • Development or use of existing training materials
  • Implementation of the course(s) on the customer’s or our premises

Besides training courses our Workshop program also includes:

  • Subject-specific exchange of experience
  • Gaining a market overview
  • Development of a topic / a concept according to requirements
  • Preparation for the introduction of new systems

Please feel free to contact us about courses and trainings.