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ERP Integration

The integration of the corporate management level (ISA L4) with production, as one link in the value-added chain, underlines the potential for resource optimisation in production.
SpiraTec offers ERP integration solutions for a variety of ERP systems on the market, whereby MII from SAP® enjoys particularly high priority.
SAP AG’s Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence software, SAP® MII , provides the appropriate integration middleware between management and production. As SAP AG service partner for ERP and MII SpiraTec AG provides the following services:

  • Integration of process-related and process control systems, such as MES, LIMS, DCS, ISA 95, PLC, with systems at corporate management level ERP (e.g. SAP® ERP)
  • SAP® MII serves as an integration platform which connects and visualises production processes with all the company‘s managing processes in accordance with industry standards. The following graphic illustrates the position of SAP® MII in the company.
  • Application of industry standards and modern portal technology as the appropriate integration platform
  • Implementation of dashboards for the joint presentation and correlation of ERP and production values
  • Generation of additional synergies by integrating existing IT systems. Engineering, procurement and implementation of vertical and horizontal integration
  • Operational support and supervision
  • User-oriented training courses