Headquarters Speyer
An der Hofweide 7
D-67346 Speyer

Phone: +49 6232 91906-0
Fax: +49 6232 91906-100

Shop floor Integration

  • Analysis of existing ERP-/MES-/ and shop floor infrastructures
  • Design of integration scenarios
  • Process modelling
  • Interface design
  • Implementation of MES-2-shop floor-coupling/connections in accordance with enterprise-wide IT standards
  • ANSI/ISA 95 and ANSI/ISA 88-compliant modelling of information and data changed (B2MML = ISA-95 data model as XML schema)
  •  Development of specifications (specifications, product requirements documents )
  • Support in supplier and system selection
  • Implementation of the connections for systems selected, see Partnerships