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MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management)

Integrating corporate management level and production establishes the communication and exchange of information. SpiraTec’s ‚Manufacturing Operations‘ bring added value with systems in production whereby the solutions for Manufacturing Operation Management, energy management and performance management solutions are of particular importance. For example, the added value of system implementation for data management  is complemented by sophisticated analyses and key performance indicator tracking (KPI/OEE) using Performance Management Solutions.

You will receive complete data acquisition solutions for the recording and archiving of process-relevant data. The production data acquisition systems (DAS) then used are also the starting point for subsequent integration of production into the economic organization of the company.

  • Interfacing with control systems or process control
  • Acquisition and archiving of process data
  • Acquisition and processing of manual operating data
  • Equipping work stations with BDE tools
  • Design of user-defined calculation and evaluation
  • Procurement and implementation of the systems
  • Operational support and supervision
  • User-oriented training
  • Maintenance and support

DIN / EN / ISO 50001

Energy management and monitoring enjoy high priority in companies. SpiraTec AG’s specialists develop customized programs and systems to record, analysis and optimize your energy production and energy consumption:

  • Planning and development of energy management solutions
    • Counselling and engineering for higher-level management programs in accordance with DIN/EN/ISO 50001
    • Analysis and evaluation of operational processes of energy production and energy consumption s
    • Needs assessment and design of appropriate energy management systems
  • Implementation of energy monitoring systems
    • Selection and specification of appropriate energy monitoring solutions at PLS, PIMS,MES and ERP level
    • Planning and implementation of requisite hardware and software components
    • Development of customer-oriented applications to analyze energy key performance indicators (EnPIs)
  • Development of EnPI analysis scenarios
    • Design of evaluation and action processes for energy scenarios, e.g. load profile analyses and peak period monitoring
    • Technical implementation, support and evolution of solutions for operational change processes

SpiraTec offers support in all questions regarding the acquisition and analysis of data in your company, particularly in production. Practical tools are developed for evaluation, visualization and decision-making and implemented in cooperation with the customer:

  • Design of performance management systems
    • Determination and definition of appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) in accordance with ISO/DIS 22400 / VDMA 66412
    • Development and design of role-based dashboards on the basis of existing KPIs
    • Counselling and planning for underlying processes and higher-level management programs
  • Implementation of real-time based data management systems
    • Installation and configuration of system components
    • Planning and development of data interfaces
    • Development of customer-oriented applications for data and analysis
  • Elaboration of KPI monitoring scenarios
    • Design of continuous monitoring and escalation processes for OEE-, energy or maintenance scenarios etc.
    • Technical implementation, support and evolution of operational change processes

Increasing efficiency by means of production control systems is linked to the use of currently-recognized system technologies. The interplay of management and execution through Manufacturing Execution (MES) and batch systems is an essential prerequisite of successful implementation.

  • Development and testing of integrated automation concepts
  • Identification of potential benefits of functions of production management /MOM in accordance with ANSI/ISA 95 or MESA for existing or new production plants
  • Upstream costing for the implementation and system technology
  • Identification and comparison of cost/benefit potential
  • Planning and organization of plant-wide /cross-plant roll-outs
  • Design and specifications development
  • Creation of technical tender/bidding documents

We provide the required know-how during both the engineering and implementation of projects in this area

  • Support in supplier and system selection
  • Implementation of the connections for systems selected, see Partnerships).

The increasingly serious threat facing the pharmaceutical market from counterfeit medicines has made the use of Track & Trace systems for complete traceability through intelligent coding indispensable.

  • Counselling in the selection and implementation of serialization solutions (Pharma-environment)
  • Analysis of country-specific coding requirements
  • Feasibility analysis of existing infrastructures
  • Derivation of IT-specific adaptations (ERP,MES and Shop Floor)
  •  Data management
  • Support in data flow and interface design
  • MES2ShopFloor
  • ShopFloor2CentralObjectRepositories (e.g. SAP® AII, SAP® OER)

SpiraTec has solutions for Manufacturing Operation Management MOM/MES.
We create individually-tailored solutions for projects in MOM/MES environments, whereby existing manufacturing APPs are adapted to the customer's needs.

  • Performance management solutions
  • Central production control
  • Production-related laboratory data acquisition
  • Solutions for monitoring of IT system landscapes and IT processes in production
  • Role-specific dashboards (to support production processes, KPI calculation, …)