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Energy Management

DIN / EN / ISO 50001

Energy management and monitoring enjoy high priority in companies. SpiraTec AG’s specialists develop customized programs and systems to record, analysis and optimize your energy production and energy consumption:

  • Planning and development of energy management solutions
    • Counselling and engineering for higher-level management programs in accordance with DIN/EN/ISO 50001
    • Analysis and evaluation of operational processes of energy production and energy consumption s
    • Needs assessment and design of appropriate energy management systems
  • Implementation of energy monitoring systems
    • Selection and specification of appropriate energy monitoring solutions at PLS, PIMS,MES and ERP level
    • Planning and implementation of requisite hardware and software components
    • Development of customer-oriented applications to analyze energy key performance indicators (EnPIs)
  • Development of EnPI analysis scenarios
    • Design of evaluation and action processes for energy scenarios, e.g. load profile analyses and peak period monitoring
    • Technical implementation, support and evolution of solutions for operational change processes