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Our highly integrated 3D planning environment includes all the components of the plant (building structure, equipment, cable and pipes, pipe support) in one 3D model.
The graphic representation of component provides an efficient interface management and an efficient precondition for technical review.

Pipe Classes

  • Pipe class definition under international requirements and standards (for every engineering phase)
  • Creation or extension of media keys
  • Defintion of construction materials
  • Definition of parameters (e.g. temperature, compression)
  • Creation of molded parts and valves
  • Consideration of installation, maintenance and repair and component
  • Systemwide interfaces

Piping Design & Control Stations

  • Planning considering economic safety- and process-relevant aspects
  • Layout of the fittings
  • Similar design of valve stations
  • Minimum spaces (path, gangway)
  • Consideration of installation, maintenance and repair and component 
  • Modular process plant design

Fire Escape Route Planning

  • Minimum clearances (length, width, headroom)
  • Access restrictions
  • Danger from escaping media

Pipe Statics Calculation

  • Pipe statics calculation (Cäsar II, Rohr2)
  • Simplified proof of elasticity according to AD2000 HP100R
  • Proof of flane
  • Internal pressure loads (DIMY)
  • Stability calculation
  • Earthquake resistance (also according to KTA)
  • Component classification

Installation Scheduling

  • Consideration of installation- and disassembly (pipelines, fittings, components)
  • Allocation of pipe routes and bridges
  • Disassembly and installation studies
  • Assembly flow planning
  • Assembly coordination

Construction in Existing Contexts

  • Feasibility studies
  • Creation of and additions/amendments to documentation
  • On site recording manually or with laser scan
  • Re-planning of existing plants
  • Component exchange
  • Upgrading existing components / plants