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Functional Specifications S88.01

This service module is the interface to process engineering. With our process expertise and experience in chemical, petrochemical and biopharmaceutical industries, we can thoroughly document the processes in software structures according to ANSI/ISA-88.01. The resulting function specifications are the guidelines to develop distributed control system/process control system software.

  • Communication interface to process engineering
  • Support in process engineering (process descriptions based on P&ID´s)
  • Using powerful tools for creating function charts
  • Module and typical specifications
  • Version control/management
  • Structuring of functional specifications according to IEC61512-1 (ANSI/ISA-88.01)
    • Continuous Function Charts (CFC)
    • Phases/Sequence Function Charts (SFC)
    • Operations
    • Unit Procedures
    • Procedures