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Together with the customers SpiraTec Engineering develops an integrated solution which takes account of the technical and economical requirements at the present production location.
Process engineering is a key position between mechanical engineering, chemistry and electrical engineering, it requires a high degree of interdisciplinary comprehension.
With our experienced engineers from all disciplin we ensure your sucess.

Process Engineering Planning

  • Concepts, feasibility studies for plants (chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas)
  • Basic- and Detail-Engineering
  • Plant expansion and optimization
  • Plant modification
  • Operating resources supply
  • Operating resources and chemicals storage facilities
  • Analysis and design of mechanical safety devices
  • Decentralized power generation
  • Innovative, holistic energy concepts
  • Process simulation
  • Plant documentation


  • Extendable plant units
  • Multipurpose plants
  • Unification of functional groups
  • Definition of assemblies

Machinery & Devices

  • Process design of machinery and apparatus
  • Technical specification (data sheet, drawings, spare and wearing parts)
  • Purchasing specifications
  • Technical evaluation of quotations
  • Assistance in contract awarding process
  • Inspection and acceptance at the manufacturer

Operation Manual

  • Process description
  • User manual
  • Commissioning assistance

Safety Engineering

  • Authority engineering (incident report, safety report)
  • Legal framework and regulations
  • Guidelines
  • Equipment
  • Standard solutions / Muster-Hazop
  • Explosion protection
  • Fire protection
  • Planning requirements for specialist disciplines
  • Dispersion calculation / free jet calculation
  • Jetflame
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Accident prevention / BG regulations
  • Machinery guideline
  • Working instructions


  • Hazard monitoring
  • Definition of possible hazards
  • DCS safety, SIL classification
  • HAZOP leader
  • Consulting