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Barcode and RFID Solutions for Materials Management


The workshop is designed to develop a knowledge of resource identification and control including principles and practice in the international manufacturing and process industries. Materials management objectives and solutions will be addressed and the current market situation for hardware and software systems presented.

Using case studies, selected solutions for the practical implementation of the requirements will be jointly elaborated and discussed in a teamwork approach. The focus will be on optimum hardware and software selection for the specific application and the configuration of suitable IT networks for process control and data communication.

Target group

Plant and production managers, IT managers, senior production and facility management staff, staff responsible for material flow processes and identification solutions


Experience with industrial business and production processes, basic knowledge of automation and IT solutions for material identification

Course outline / Topics

Part 1: Introduction into material management and production logistics

  • History and evolution
  • Definition of work area: scope and contents
  • Delimitation and comparison with other management disciplines

Part 2: Case study 1

  • Material management system based on barcodes and intelligent scanners

Part 3: Introduction into barcodes and scanner/printer solutions

  • Bar codes: types, placement and reader types, storage capacity, uses
  • Barcode scanner: hardware and software
  • Barcode printer
  • ATEX and IP classes

Part 4: Introduction into RFID

  • Tags and transponders

Part 5: Case Study 2 – Integrated resource management

  • RFID-based material management system, W-LAN architecture and manufacturing execution system (MES)

Part 6: IT solutions for materials management

  • IT system landscape for materials management
  • Data management and communication between systems
  • Workflow management




Type of training





1-2 days

Course fee

Price on request